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SmB Smart Marketing, LLC LogoHelping Small Business Owners with Local, Social, and Email Marketing.

“Hania is immensely talented as a strategic planner and social media consultant. Any business that she works with will thrive. In addition to making focused, thoughtful recommendations, you can count on Hania to be personally committed to your success.”  — Maureen Goldman, Founder at Catherine’s Table 

SmB Smart Marketing is focused on the small business owner’s local, social and email marketing campaigns. With the current rising trend of boomer entrepreneurs, the boomer and senior new small business owner who is not social media savvy needs a guiding hand until they can take over on their own, or engage in a maintenance program at any level.

Services include Online Presence evaluations, Consults, Account Setups, Ad Campaigns, and Maintenance are all areas covered for the small business owner who wants to stay in step with modern marketing strategies. Maintenance packages, Coaching, and workshops also available.

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