14 Ways Social Media Marketing Beats Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing Dinosaur


He who refuses to learn deserves extinction. 

~ Rabbi Hillel

What traditional marketing failed to achieve in the past is being organically achieved in Social Media.

  1. Traditional Marketing (TM) tells us how we should feel about product. Social Media (SoMe) tells others how we really do feel about product.
  2. TM interrupts our leisure time by forcing product messages on us. SoMe leads us to company pages we can invite into our streams to browse at our leisure.
  3. TM deals with the familiar to spread the word generically. SoMe looks for the unfamiliar to spread the word virally.
  4. TM spreads a message to the masses in hopes of attracting a few loyal followers. SoMe spreads a message to a few loyal followers to attract the masses.
  5. TM tells consumers what they may want. SoMe gives access to what we do want.
  6. TM messages have no direct accountability. SoMe publicizes accountability through viral messaging.
  7. TM uses long-term strategies developed through a fixed schedule of exposure. SoMe follows direct emotion, passion, and curiosities of the moment.
  8. TM messaging is for short-term profit. SoMe messaging is for long-term connection.
  9. TM marketing asks questions and uses research to determine reaction. SoMe answers questions and uses instinct to create reaction.
  10. TM creates artificial messaging based on external research. SoMe spreads authentic messaging from internal reaction.
  11. TM helps products become successful regardless of quality. SoMe helps quality products get discovered and exposes poor products.
  12. TM messaging can be stagnant or ineffective by the time they surface. SoMe messaging is ever evolving and always present.
  13. TM follows a predetermined path on a predetermined schedule. SoMe explores a multitude of highways on an ongoing basis.
  14. TM controls response to product via marketing professionals and accountants. SoMe controls product response via actual consumer word of mouth.


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