Hiring for Social Media Management

You recognize how powerful social media can be for your business vs traditional marketing, but your results are less than inspiring. Why?

But you say you really don’t have the time to invest in doing it right for better results?

Consider outsourcing your social media.

Be careful who you hire!

Don’t fall for:

“No time for Social Media? Pay just $___ a month for twice daily posting, five days a week.”

That’s like saying:

“No time to answer customer phone calls? Pay just $___ a month for twice daily answering, 5 days a week.” NOT! Get it?

Oh, sure… having someone post 2x a day at least keeps you alive in SEO … but isn’t the goal customer face-time and response?

To THRIVE on Social Media, you must keep it alive with interaction and interest in your fans!

Yes, you can, and most likely should, hire someone to manage your social media. The key is – doing it right for the maximum results of customer interaction, exposure and keeping front of mind – so that next time they shop or look for your service, they’ll recognize and remember you!

A lot of business owners can’t get past the old days of traditional marketing where you created the ad, distributed it, then waited for results. Social media is not about promotion. It’s about keeping the conversation going.

Watch your insight reports

Get a positive ROI by hiring someone who truly understands social media and check in periodically on the results.

You do need some billboarding, but remember the 80/20 rule of 80% engagement and 20% promotion.

Therefore, get on that home page once in a while… Who ever is doing your social media should be Liking some, commenting on some, showing your fan base that you are not just a sales page.

Show you care about your customers, their interests, their comments and questions, and show the human side of your business to them…

Be creative, have fun!


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Hania Sudymont Whitfield

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3 thoughts on “Hiring for Social Media Management”

  1. That’s right, Holly! And they wonder why they get no response… They just can’t get traditional marketing practices out of their heads.
    Thanks for the comment, Holly! I really enjoy your Facebook posts :)


  2. Hania, once again you hit the nail on the head! Successful social media activity is definitely a two-way conversation. I think too many businesses get stuck in pushing their marketing message out and forget about just having a conversation and getting to know their customers.


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