Is posting for Social Media making you crazy? 3 key tricks to de-stress

The common cries from small business owners:

“I open my [Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.] and I just don’t know what to write!”

“Social Media is for the young. I don’t get it!”

“Emails are too hard – I can’t do newsletters!”

We are often too busy with our own thoughts about business or life or our task list to be able to disconnect for creative thinking… Right?

Well, hmmmm, maybe not. Isn’t it SOCIAL media? Even your email marketing is part of social media. So, think about it this way. If a customer walked in the door now, would you tell them you can’t stop and think of what to say to him/her?

This is the point of Social Media and marketing. People come to social media platforms to hang out, have fun, relax into some conversation, visit with others and make new friends. Sounds a lot like everyday life if you think about it.

So back to the point. If a customer, or friend, were to walk in now, what would you say?

The seasoned salesperson usually greets and compliments the customer and engages in conversation. They make customers feel at home and appreciated. So, why not use that savvy to help you in your social media?

1. Take the focus off yourself and your business

For a moment, forget facing the keyboard and blank box hoping to create the next big thing in marketable content. Spend the first few minutes looking at other people’s posts. Like, comment, retweet, reply, quote, whatever strikes you… It’s like walking into a room full of people who are already talking – so jump in! People will begin to notice you are joining in and appreciate you for being more human in your approach.

2. Learn to be thoughtful.

Posting doesn’t have to originate on your wall or page. You probably subscribe to e-newsletters, cruise the web, browse apps that house your chosen categories of reading material, so take advantage of all that ready material. While you are reading what YOU like, laughing at a cartoon, being inspired by a quote image, take a moment to think about whether your followers and fans might enjoy that item, too.

The ubiquitous “like” or “share” buttons are there. If you aren’t comfortable using them, take the time to get comfortable with them today! Maybe you’d prefer to install an “Add this” extension to your chosen browser or other such of many tools. Take the time to play with any sharing tool so that next time  you run across a “sharable” item, you’ll be ready to take advantage of it for the benefit of your fans.

And don’t forget, not all of your fans are on every network, so you can re-purpose the same content across different platforms.

3. Lighten Up!

Geez! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Yes, you should present a professional image on your business pages, but you can still have fun with your followers in a tasteful way. You do that in person with customers, right? Why not online with your fans? Your customers come back to your physical location not just because of your products, but also because they enjoy YOU. So show your personal side online as well.

The Social Media rule is also the Golden Rule… And you get what you give. So, if you want greater interaction, become more interactive.

It’s that simple.


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