Just Because We Have the Online Sharing Tools, Do We ALWAYS Have to Share, RT, Like…?

Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present. Roger Babson

It’s just too easy to waste valuable time. Being online can sometimes become like getting sucked into a vortex of time-wasting hell!

In the “old” days, if we wanted to share a piece of news, a funny joke, an interesting article, or some personal event, we had to actually either call or personally talk to someone, or send them a message via snail mail.


  • Click Like
  • Click Share
  • ReTweet
  • Forward
  • Click a social sharing bookmarklet
  • Request to be emailed on ALL comments to a discussion

…The convenience tools are a list a mile long and it is just too damned easy!

So just because we have all these CONVENIENT(?) online tools, do we have to use them all the time?!

Think about when we had to do it the old way.  We didn’t share EVERYthing! (I am assuming my readers are old enough to remember telephones that had cords and the USPS actually delivered handwritten personal letters).

So when we complain that there is just not enough time to look at all the stuff in our inbox of emails, announcements and newsletters, our multiple social media feeds, our RSS feeds, our bookmarked sites, ad infinitum… it’s time to reassess our priorities.

1. Start with what YOU share. Don’t add to the glut. Take a breath before you share…

Stop for a moment before hitting one of those sharing buttons – think from a new perspective – if you had to take the time to text, call, email someone about what you are about to share or comment on …would you?

2. Inbox never empty? Whose fault is that ;)

If you find yourself repeatedly deleting messages from the same source, it’s either time to consider the unsubscribe button or create a filter for that email to go directly into a folder and skip the inbox. Then YOU choose when it’s in your view and can’t be distracted by it when other items should take priority.

3. Stop turning on the Merry-Go Round!

If you send an email for group review, be careful to only address one point at a time. We’ve all seen it.  A merry-go-round of responses addressing different points from the same email and nothing gets accomplished because it becomes a ball of confusion – and a huge waste of time on all ends with no final consensus.

Bottom Line? Slow down a little…. Really.   What would be your Number 4?

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Hania Sudymont Whitfield

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