SMBs: Stop Ignoring Google Plus!

Google Plus Logo CollageGoogle+ is DEFINITELY gaining ground.

If you haven’t taken the time to explore the beauty, versatility, and content quality of Google+, you simply don’t know what you are missing and you are paying too much attention to old information.

IMHO, G+ is the perfect blend of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram rolled into one.

That’s not to say they will fade away, but much of what is missing in those singular platforms is all rolled into one at G+. Add the bonus of increased rankings with usage and you have a win-win.
Start playing with it… there are plenty of YouTube Videos that can get you acquainted. (Hello- YouTube is a Google product…!)

Google Plus Just as Popular as Twitter in U.S., Study Says  And has more visitors than Instagram, Pinterest 

Update: You are invited to our brand new Google+ Community for small business owners and managers:

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