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Our mission is to make social media marketing, personal branding and direct customer communications a viable business investment, and help small business owners develop sustainable social media strategies that extend to every employee, business partner and board member.

Based in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA, serving clients nationwide.

Turn to SmB Smart Marketing to help you grow and manage your Small Business online marketing

Hania Whitfield, CEO | Founder SmB Smart Marketing, LLC (Formerly Whitfield Consulting)

Hania Whitfield, CEO | Founder SmB Smart Marketing, LLC

What is SmB Smart Marketing?

SmB stands for Small Business – owners and managers of small business are our only clients – and Smart Marketing is about ensuring you are using the right platforms and marketing methods for your unique business and demographic.

“The number of small businesses in the United States has increased 49% since 1982.” –SBA.gov

…And with that increase, we have also seen the world of small business marketing change dramatically. Websites are now accepted as the online Brick and Mortar version of a business. Add to that multiple Social Media platforms, and a successful online small business presence is critical to success in this highly competitive business world. –H. Whitfield

A decades long career in retail management, operations, customer service training and merchandising segued into a position as a Director of Corporate Communications and Affinity Marketing for a small business specialty franchisor. Corporate downsizing led to this entrepreneurial adventure in 2010 specifically to help small businesses improve their online presence, increase sales and encourage repeat/referral business via online marketing.

A unique marketing perspective occurs when you integrate the “on the floor” experience with your marketing. SmB Smart Marketing gets to know about your business personality and goals, to make your marketing more effective. Conveying YOUR unique business to the public prospect and ongoing customers is our goal. It is also critical for Social Media success.

Contact us NOW to arrange a Free 30 minute consultation. What have you got to lose?

You need a hard-sell with a soft-sell approach for small business marketing, and that’s where we deliver. Understanding customer service and operations issues adds to the mix for successful marketing.

Need a Speaker for your next meeting?

Hania is also available as an entertaining and informative speaker on Social Media and Email Marketing for Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations. Contact her to speak at your next company meeting or for an in-house workshop or seminar.

***As small businesses often have their own network, feel free to work with us to arrange a social media workshop for you and your fellow small business owners at a group rate.

Community Involvement:

Hania is working on her first book for small business marketing – TBA


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