Our mission: make social media marketing, personal branding and direct customer communications a viable business investment and help small business owners develop sustainable social media strategies that extend to every employee, business partner and board member.

Based in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA, serving clients nationwide.

Turn to someone who can help you manage your Small Business marketing

Hania Whitfield, Whitfield ConsultingHania Whitfield founded Small Business Smart Marketing (formerly Whitfield Consulting), in 2010 specifically to help small businesses improve their online presence, increase sales and encourage repeat/referral business via online marketing. A retail management, operations, customer service training and merchandising career segued into a position as a Director of Corporate Communications and Affinity Marketing for a small business specialty franchisor. Corporate downsizing led to this successful entrepreneurial adventure.

Entertaining and informative speaker on Social Media and Email Marketing for Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations.


Marketing Director on the Executive Board of Friends of Mabry Park

Social Media Marketing Advisor to the Atlanta Area Council Boy Scouts of America.

Hania is working on her first book for small business marketing – TBA



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