Hania Sudymont Whitfield, CEO|Founder SMB Smart Marketing, LLC

Hania Sudymont Whitfield CEO|Founder

SMB Smart Marketing, LLC: Our mission is to make social media marketing, a viable business investment for the small business owner.

We help small business owners develop sustainable social media strategies.

…the world of small business marketing has changed dramatically. Websites are the accepted online Brick and Mortar of business with the integration of multiple Social Media platforms to create a successful online small business presence. –H. Whitfield

A veteran of all facets of independent and franchise retailing. Hania Whitfield consults, speaks, and blogs on small business use of social media marketing and enhancing online presence.

Nationwide Consultant, Coach and Speaker for Small Business Marketing since 2010, based in Metro Atlanta, GA

Hania is working on her first book for small business marketing – TBA

Not sure whether “Bravery” and “Cut through the chase” are professional skills, but whenever they make it to the game of self-promotion, you’d have my endorsement on those as well. ; ) –A.J.


Volunteer Social Media Marketing Advisor for the Atlanta Area Council Boy Scouts of America
Executive Board member of Friends of Mabry Park, Inc.

An entertaining and informative speaker on Social Media and Email Marketing for Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations, you can Click here to contact Hania for information on speaking at your next company meeting, or in-house workshop or seminar.

Arrange a group rate social media workshop for you and your fellow small business owners.

Pastimes: Talking – to help others! (There is an off-button when necessary) Hania also enjoys reading business books, classics, and mystery novels. Movies are an addiction, hiking an occasional necessity.


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