Properly executed social media & email marketing = powerful word of mouth!

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Our mission: to make social media marketing, personal branding and direct customer communications a viable business investment and to help small business owners develop sustainable social media strategies that extend to every employee, business partner and board member.


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  2. Execution
  3. Strategy
  4. Adoption

Why small business?

Because SMBs are in a unique position to build long-lasting relationships with their customers, clients, members, or donors through personalized and specific services, purposes and products. Social Media and Email Marketing are the most effective in enhancing relationship businesses. Hania has “worn the t-shirt” in sales, management, marketing and merchandising and brings that understanding to the table.

… from Social Media to Constant Contact and Everything in-between

Cultivate the customer (or member) relationship with exceptional service and communication and they will come back over and over. Part of that service is educating the customer, providing useful and valuable product knowledge, and listening to the needs of the customer. Social Media and Email Marketing accomplish that mission while spreading brand awareness.

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