SMB Consulting and Coaching

Online Marketing… There is so much involved. You need the Social Media and Content platforms which serve your small business best.

    • Small business digital marketing tools are simple, but only successful with the right strategies.
    • Social Media is constantly changing. We stay current on changes and constantly train in social media and email marketing (as well as participate in chat-groups, seminars, hang outs and more).
    • “Technology challenged?” – We will not condescend nor lead you astray of your needs.
    • Coaching / Consulting / Training available on every level.


Whether you are brand new or experienced in your small business, you need an objective outsider with experience in small business, marketing, management and operations to evaluate and help you plan your online marketing status, goals and objectives for improvements that provide results.i

Ongoing, monthly, quarterly, yearly… you set the pace, based on your mutually determined needs.


Like having a personal trainer for your marketing needs.
A problem outside your normal realm of expertise shouldn’t slow you down. You need someone to call when an immediate marketing issue surfaces or when the road seems to be at a dead-end. Coaching is the answer. On demand, or regularly scheduled.


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