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With a personal consult and online review, whether or not you are already on Social Media, we’ll help you hone in on the right social media platforms and strategy for your type and style of business – and with a plan that works with your budget.

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Does your cover photo reflect your company culture? Is your profile photo instantly recognizable in a news feed? Are you attracting comments and likes? Facebook has become as important as Google in consumer searches and your presence there is important to your business success.


We can help complete your profile and train you in the various tools and features. Updates, endorsements, recommendations, updates, news, groups, company pages, and more. It is important for EVERY professional to present their best face on LinkedIn – now more than ever. Increase your customer and business presence and gain more respect in your industry.


Third on the list, but certainly not in importance, Twitter is your outreach to those outside your normal spheres of influence. People rely on Twitter as an information source. It plays a big role in adding your industry credibility and that worldwide online community is ready to contribute to your industry presence. Everyday engagement, Tweetchats, and information sharing are your keys on Twitter. Let us open your eyes to Twitter’s potential!

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Should you or shouldn’t you?

YES! Google+ is gaining huge ground. It is, after all, a Google product and is well-integrated into their search engines to help boost your presence…and Google Chats and communities are gaining strong ground.


A Google Product that will boost your SEO ratings! If you haven’t tried video yet, you will. So get the foundation set with a Customized Branded YouTube Channel that will advertise your presence worldwide and make your business a star!

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Whatever type of business you have, a picture is worth a thousand words! The most visually addictive of all social media platforms, Pinterest’s performance has rapidly risen in encouraging product purchasing. If you are looking for a place to visually entice your customers, Pinterest can’t be beat!

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If you can talk about your business passions, you can blog about them, too – with a little beginner’s training from us! Having an active blog page on your website will encourage higher SEO rankings. Content is also reusable in your other platforms. We’d love to tell you all about how blogging can make your presence stronger in so many ways!


No, email is not social media, and it is not dead, and it should be integrated into your social media marketing! Email Marketing is all about speaking directly to the customer who already knows you. Let us show you how to use this important tool!

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