#1 Tip for SMBs: Don’t Be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

A discussion question was posed on a LinkedIn Group: “Do you have any tips or ideas for marketers working on a tight budget? Please add your suggestions.” There were many great suggestions on how to market with the fewest dollars possible for the best results, As usual there were many suggestions, but no one was addressing the real issue – and that is that marketing should be recognized as a critical investment in …

Who Are These People and What Am I Doing Here?

I’ve seen many social media newsletters and blogs that were chock full of the do’s and don’ts and what’s coming in 2013. But, while that is all truly good information, most of my clients and presentation attendees are still very hungry for the WHY of social media. What good is it? Why should I bother?
I began to think of what seems to be the most troubling aspect of social media to most newcomers… Why should I want to connect with hundreds or thousands of strangers?


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