Middle Age and Furrowed Brow Lines – Ugh.

Furrowed brows

I’ve got to stop furrowing my brow when I work!

The lines are getting deeper and more permanent! Yikes! I’m even starting to get a secondary set of lines – a bit scary! Not to mention an unattractive billboard for aging!

Next time I sweat, there’ll probably be waterfalls going down my nose! On the upside, at least I have proof I don’t get Botox treatments! Hmmm… why is that an upside? I’ll probably HAVE to get Botox treatments if I can’t become more conscious about my brow while I work.

This is serious stuff for Boomers!

I’m already in my mid 50s and don’t need to add to the creases nature is already providing. Of course, I could just flaunt the furrows by assimilating the professorial look of over-thoughtful academia. Nah, that only works for male professors with leather elbow patches on their ugly plaid jackets. Never understood why anyone would want to EXTEND the life of a jacket that ugly by protecting the elbows.

Why is it so bad to have deep furrows in your brow?

Ok, so, worst case scenario if I continue to unconsciously and furiously furrow my brow while I work intensely at my desktop:

  • Mom might have been right:  “If you keep making that face it will stick!”
  • I’ll need Spackle instead of foundation makeup to fill in the furrows.
  • People might think I am in a permanent state of confusion or concern – or worse – anger…?

Did you know that if you search Google images for deep furrows between eyes, you don’t see much of that. Instead, you see a bunch of images of Botox being injected. Hmmmm…. no superficial messaging there.

Maybe I could invent a removable pressure device on the top of my prescription glasses to rest against the area between the brows to prohibit furrowing while working. Nah. Don’t think it would sell enough to cover my costs.

One last idea – a mirror at the top of my monitor! Nah, that won’t work either. I’ll start noticing other defects like the furrows that are showing up between my cheeks and nose.

Jeez. Gravity – another enemy of aging!

When I say dirty stores, what comes to mind?

Image by scroy65 via Flickr

Are you low down and dirty?

HAHA, you thought I was blogging about “those kinds” of shops! Nope, today’s post is about customer first impressions and dirt. Real Dirt.

You seriously need to clean your place of business when…

  • Customers keep asking if you have a “fresh” one when they are ready to buy.
  • The dust bunnies on your hardwood floors that the ceiling fans blew into the corners are looking more like snowdrifts.
  • You call it fairy dust when a customer bumps into a light fixture and the bugs and dust fall out.
  • The salespeople have to create ways to tell customers the dirt is a value enhancement to the products: “That’s not grunge, that’s patina!”
  • The sun-faded display items no longer match items in stock.
  • The only time you find lost objects is when a repair person moves something.
  • Your break-room microwave and toaster oven are safety hazards.
  • You buy stronger light bulbs because you can’t understand why the walls have taken on a dingy look.
  • When customers ask to use your bathroom, they are out in record time!
  • (add your own in a comment…)

Appearances ARE everything

While you and your staff take on blinders, your customers still see what you don’t.

And they smell the smells.

And they get grossed out.

What’s the Big Deal?!

Many customers judge your way of doing business by the business environment. Yes, they DO!

And employee morale goes down when the staff gets grossed out – they see it as a lack of respect for them.

You may not see it or smell it, but others do. Hire a part-time housekeeper who does more than vacuum just the main aisle and empty the paper trash baskets. Have them do a deep clean once a month.

List daily superficial maintenance chores as part of the job description – like straightening the cash wrap, not leaving their work station until it’s organized for the next day, taking home leftovers and personal items that accumulate, etc….

Clean out that wealth area!

Maybe even get a book on Feng Shui to really make things cook in de-cluttering and make that money chi flow!

PRODUCTIVITY reigns in a positive environment! Don’t let a little dirt get in the way of better business.

You Can’t Sell Perfume in an Ugly Bottle

Perfume Bottle Collection
Image by Nathan Branch via Flickr

While watching a fragrance commercial, I noticed there was no discussion of scent. It was all beautiful people catching the glances of other great looking people and, of course, it ended with a picture of a beautiful bottle.

Why can’t you sell perfume in a plain bottle?

A plain women’s perfume bottle:

  • speaks to no one
  • It doesn’t look pretty on the vanity
  • It doesn’t yell “feminine” when held in the hand to apply it
  • and using it won’t make her feel pretty

Gender neutral

The same goes for men’s fragrance. The bottle has to say MAN, successful, stylish, …. You get the picture. Nothing about the scent…

A plain men’s cologne bottle:

  • speaks to no one
  • It doesn’t say “successful with women” to friends who will see it in his bathroom.
  • It has to feel “masculine” in his hand
  • Using it won’t make him feel more desirable to women.

Is the fragrance better because it’s in a beautiful bottle? Of course not. But it is the perceived result that dictates value in anything.

Do you get it?

So, I have friends in the Pedorthic shoe business who still can’t understand why women are so resistant to “healthy” shoes despite all the negative press on the damage caused by stilettos.  Seriously?!

Healthy shoes:

  • speak to no one
  • They don’t match with dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, etc… or most professional wear
  • They have no sex appeal.
  • They don’t make you feel pretty or handsome.

My friends counter with the fact that bunions aren’t pretty either!

When women buy pretty shoes, they are buying a work of art, decorations for their feet, a perfect match for their outfit, acceptance from peers, maybe even a chance to attract a mate. Practical and therapeutic is not sexy.

If you don’t have bunions now, today, and you are seeking pretty, well-matching, sexy shoes that make you feel sexy, too, you will not buy healthy shoes. And, like Scarlett O’Hara, you will think about the bunions those pretty shoes cause …tomorrow.

You must promote results

So, if my feet hurt badly – TODAY – then yes, I will buy ugly shoes if that is my only choice to make the pain go away – BUT, understand, and this is very important – PAIN RELIEF is what I am buying, NOT ugly shoes. The pain relief = the beautiful bottle.

The beautiful bottle does not make the perfume smell better or attract more mates. It is the romance and beauty of the bottle that makes us feel more alluring when we use the product. So the pain relief and the ability to become active again makes us buy the ugly shoe.

Primarily a women’s issue?

No. It’s the same with men.

Can a guy invite his buds to watch the Big Game on a small TV? Can he read his email and work on documents with a small screen and fewer gigs? Of course he can, but will he? NO.

Smaller electronics are:

  • Wimpy
  • Don’t have the Tim Allen grunt appeal
  • Can’t be bragged about
  • And they don’t yell “I am king of electronics!”

Bigger electronics do not always mean better, but they provide the perceived results.

Beautiful fragrance bottles do not always mean a better scent with better results with the opposite sex, but …


Retailers: don’t sell products. They sell results. The customers who want those results will already be half-sold.

…And when they make a healthy shoe that has real sex appeal, I’ll be first in line…

Hey Whiner! 3 Reasons Nobody Cares!

(Enjoy this old Saturday Night Live video with “The Whiners.”)

This sucky economy has placed many in victim mode… Yes, we all ultimately sympathize, but I really think that at this point, nobody really wants to hear more about how bad it is!

So, seriously… Shut Up!

Stop filling the twitter timeline with your gripes! Quit yelling at the salespeople in the retail stores and the fast food employees! Don’t kick the dog!

Nobody wants to hear that you are unhappy, broke, miserable about the job situation, and that the dog just ate your dinner off the coffee table!

Yup! Sorry… Nobody Cares Because:

  1. When life is rough, everyone is miserable enough with their own situation without hearing all about yours to drag them down even further!
  2. Whether it’s true or not, your situation is never as bad as theirs, so they won’t feel as sorry for you as they feel for themselves!
  3. Unless you have anything positive to share with your listener, they don’t have the energy to listen to you.

No, I am not unsympathetic. Just realistic. People normally cared more about listening to others’ woes before the current economic crisis, but not now. And does it really do much good to whine???

complaint department - please take a number (g...
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via Flickr

So, get over yourself! Be the light in the room, even if it kills you! Actually, even feigning a positive outlook will eventually cause you to feel better and draw more positive people and situations toward you. Haven’t you ever noticed how waking up on the wrong side of the bed can lead to a whole day of bad circumstances? You can change the tide with an attitude shift.

And, think about it. If the person you are with hears only about all the things that are going wrong for you, will they likely refer you to anyone if a job opportunity came up?

If you want to increase your chances for re-employment, be the person YOU like to be around and that you would like to hire!