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The Win-Win of Social Media Through Unexpected Uses. Pt.1: The Perks of Pinterest

Pinterest logoI started noticing that Social Media has become a source of everyday personal convenience as well as social! It has completely become a part of my everyday life because of unexpected (to me at least!) uses and applications.

Some unexpected uses I have discovered and maybe you have, too…

Pinterest as a source or reference tool:

Example #1

A blog feed I subscribe to had a post on a slow cooker chicken that rocks!

I love slow cooker recipes because I don’t have to be in the kitchen to cook them ;) and any meat cooked in them is usually incredibly tender! I’m too busy for elaborate recipes and I get tired of basic recipes. So when I stumble on a recipe that I must try, I don’t bother to print it out. I PIN IT! This is great for busy people like me. So, I have a board for food ideas.

Anytime I want to retrieve a recipe, Pinterest has a great visual for me (who remembers recipe names?) and I can just click on my Pinterest app on my iPad or SmartPhone when I am in the kitchen and there’s my recipe (I just have to keep my tech tools out of the way of drips!)

No paper, no ink and always ready to view!

Example #2

I love to buy, but I hate to shop – mostly because the time that it takes is a luxury I can’t afford. I’ve got more speaking gigs, so I need some new professional outfits.

But, like I said, I hate to shop and I also don’t have time to keep up with what’s current. Yes, I buy the humongous Vogue book size editions to try to keep up to date, but…

So when I need to buy an outfit, I cruise the Pinterest “Women’s Fashion” category to see what is current. There are some of the best pins ever that show every piece you might want to create that complete outfit. This is like Garanimals for me and a huge time saver. (see left image)

I am usually inspired to post a quick comment to the pinner and that blogger now also has more exposure since I liked, commented and re-pinned the picture that she posted with her blog that has now been pinned.

When someone clicks on it anywhere on Pinterest, they are now directed back to the original pinner’s source. A win-win for both of us.

Moral to the story? Always provide a picture with your blog content!


Whoever follows my boards may repin one of my pins – giving both me and the source more exposure. They may start to follow my board and maybe my other boards as well.

Anyone who clicked on the photo may start to follow the blogger.

When I get a notice that someone repinned or liked my pin, I will most likely take a look and possible follow them on or at least one of their boards on their Pinterest because since they liked what I pinned, they most likely have other items I would probably be interested in.

My pin will also show up on the main Pinterest board and catch the eye of a browser. Potential new followers from outside of my network for both me and the blogger.

And notice that if you click on the image at left, guess where you’ll wind up…?

Yup, at that Pinterest board. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to sign in or have an account to view it either….

And the holiday ideas? Ah, don’t get me started!

Don’t forget you can also share to other Social networks. And here is a tip: Click “embed” and copy the code, paste into a Facebook post and it will provide the link and a lead in to it. No picture though… still trying to find a way to make that work.

What have you discovered you can do with Pinterest?

I Can, I Can, But Do I Have the Time? Technology Offers Too Many Options!

Rotary phone

Frequently I get on my laptop, pad, phone, whatever, and read about or see all kinds of things I CAN do with the various platforms, software, apps, gadgets, widgets, etc…

But I thought of something today. Maybe I CAN, but I don’t have the time!!

No. There is just not enough time in the world to learn, use and play with all the coooooool stuff out there. Much less the incredible productivity tools.

The ironic side of the productivity tools is they take to long to learn to use – therefore I am either a) not using them, or b) only skimming the surface in terms of their capabilities.

I know I am not the only one suffering from technology overload!


There is a cure from these time eating distractions!

  1. Unsubscribe from newsletters that update you on the latest technology (in other words, all of them…)
  2. Unfollow all social media accounts that tweet and post on technology (in other words, all of them…)
  3. Cancel all printed subscriptions that mention the latest tools and gadgets (in other words, any printed media…)
  4. Stop watching any show on TV that tells you about the latest trends in technology (in other words, all TV news, infotainment and shopping channels…)
  5. Stop watching any shows on TV that has anyone USING the latest technology (in other words, the rest of them…)
  6. Stop going to any place of business that has a TV or WiFi (if you are in a major metro area, looks like you aren’t going anywhere…)

Now that you’ve done all that, you don’t need your:

  1. data plan
  2. Smart Phone
  3. gadgets
  4. TV
  5. desktop, laptop, pad, etc…

Ummm – What did we used to do before we got tricked out with technology?

Oh, yeah, we talked about all the time we would have when we modernized and advanced into the age of technology… :-)


P.S.  How do YOU manage it all?


All I want from technology is … EVERYTHING! Can anyone combine all the personal data tools into one yet?

UPDATE 10.2014: I am now happy to have a Chromebook, Note 3 SmartPhone, and Laptop. At least the Chromebook is more sunshine compatible and the Note 3 has a bigger screen and a stylus, but still… I want one device that has it all!

Original post:

All I want from technology is…

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for a SmartPhone / Kindle / Tablet / iPad / laptop /desktop all in one :-)  Have you heard of anyone making anything like that?

Did I mention it has to fit in my handbag (not a case) and that there should also be a carrying pouch (ATTRACTIVE!) for women since sleek dresses are popular now and jeans are too tight and no woman who is proud of her physique will stuff anything in her pockets – right?!

I’m worried that no one will make one of these. Desktops are becoming dinosaurs, but I do a lot of graphics and publishing and social media in my small business, and I like my big screen for that. But I’m tired of me being stuck at my desk. And so is my family!

And I like Reading

I like having a Kindle app on my Smartphone because I can read my books anytime, anywhere – except in the sun. No sun compatibility for the iPad either. The iPad won’t let me do my publishing stuff either – like email marketing.

I know the Kindle can be read in the sun, but I can’t answer emails, do social media or talk on it. So I don’t think I want one. I am glad you can read them in the dark now though, but my SmartPhone can do that, too. But the screen is annoyingly small on my phone for heavy text.

And great social media management

I want apps that will let me share a cool Facebook post (and I’ve tried several apps and social media mgmt tools) so I have to wait until I get home. But then I forget or it’s not timely anymore… Argh!

So this technology also has to include social media management that includes the ability to share, like, see what the comment is on a posted picture, catch your feed, show DMs, do everything your desktop can do and vice versa, not confuse me on how to get back where I was to start with, PLUS condense text for Twitter!

And portability

I also want to be able to hold it in my hand, but I want a screen the size halfway between a tablet and a SmartPhone. And I want it to be ergonomic like my keyboard and mouse. And if I am slouched in bed, I still want to be able to type. I don’t always like speech to text because I am better at thinking out loud through my fingers if you know what I mean!

I don’t want much, do I? :)

Clients from Hell? If you’re judging, you’re not helping

Clients From Hell from ClientsFromHell on Vimeo.

My husband and I were cruising the iPad app “Show You” and ran across this video. We are both self-employed and I must admit, we really thought this was funny. We could so relate.

But then we started discussing that no matter how much it can seem like trying to please a client can sometimes be a no win situation, we have to step back and see the other side. Wear their shoes, as it may be.

People hire you because what you do is not fun for them, nor do the have the time or inclination to learn about it. Not one of my clients ever spends as much time working on social media as I do, so it’s absurd for me to expect them to have the same grasp of it that I have. Same for my husband in his real estate brokerage. We live, eat, drink, sleep and breathe our businesses, right? It’s actually a source of pleasure for us. But not for our clients.

BUT, they know what they want.

They may have no clue how to convey it to you.

They may be embarrassed to expose what they don’t know.

They may have no concept of the amount of work it takes for you to create what they ask for.

But they know what they want. And it is our job to figure that out.

Empathy: understanding of another’s feelings: the ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feelings or difficulties.

If you get caught up in the means by which a client is conveying their needs, then you have lost focus on the actual need. Stop judging what and how they are talking to you and LISTEN to the needs…
Don’t you expect that from those you hire to help you with what you don’t know?
That said, feel free to share some of your crazy client experiences here in the comments. ;-)


“Screw it, let’s do it!” – The Art of Self-Motivation from Richard Branson:

Cover of "Screw It, Let's Do It (Expanded...

Cover via Amazon

Screw it, let’s do it!” says Richard Branson in this piece on how he stays motivated in business – even at 60.

This article (link below) is an excellent read for anyone in business – especially in this time of economic recovery when business people are still a little skittish about moving forward.

The Art of Self-Motivation : Managing :: American Express OPEN Forum.

Too many business owners get in their own way of success and over-complicate their business…especially when it comes to listening to and serving their own customers. Don’t just follow others, – seek out new challenges! Your customers are trying to tell you what they want every day. Listen to them. And what have you got to lose? Customers are especially hungry for excellent customer service and something really worthy to purchase since they are now more prudent with their spending.

I am a big fan of Sir Richard. He not only has overcome so many obstacles to get where he is, but he always gives back. Some nice guys do finish first!

I hope that after reading Sir Richard’s article, you aspire to take a leap or two! I just learned he also has a book of the same name (pictured) – I’ll be checking that out, too!

P.S. Thanks American Express Open for these great articles!