5 Ways to Save Money Hiring the Unemployed

Have you been hiring cheap because you are afraid to hire better?

Are you afraid that those better qualified will leave when something better comes along?

Are you settling for less qualified labor just to save money?

HUH?  Are you NUTS? The job applicant pool is incredibly better than ever due to the many layoffs and forced retirements.

Yes, they are used to higher wages than you may normally be able to afford, but with only 6 month of unemployment insurance in most cases, these highly qualified people need jobs, too, and are willing to accept less, even far less in some cases.

Even better, many are unwilling to go back to the corporate world and would love to work at a smaller business – less stress, more casual atmosphere, and many other attractive  attributes are common to small business.

In addition, you can potentially save on office space and equipment since many corporate refugees have well equipped home offices and could work from home for you.

Just think, hiring better… hmmm. What a load off your mind. Sit back and imagine these 5 results of hiring better qualified staff …

  1. You’ll be less stressed with a qualified staff that can be empowered and trusted to make decisions within your guidelines.
  2. You’ll have HAPPY customers because they don’t have to wait until someone can “ask the owner/manager” before they can solve the problem.
  3. You’ll spend less time training a staff that not only could easily assimilate the duties of your business, but also can help your business grow because of their experience and know how.
  4. You’ll save money in terms of productivity with a staff that has OFFICE computer skills, social media savvy, operations knowledge, accounting skills, and more.
  5. And last but not least … OMG – Yes, these higher qualified people will attract more customers because they actually have excellent PEOPLE SKILLS!!!

Worst case scenario, even if they only work 1 year because they later find a much higher level position, think of how much they could up-level your business in just that one year…

Why, oh why, aren’t you taking advantage of all these skilled workers who are struggling to find work???

Troubleshooting your business – get back to the basics!

I’ve had a change in direction at my job… I’m troubleshooting the worst department in the company. As far back as I can remember, almost every employer I have had has placed me in problem departments or stores for the sole purpose of turning them around and I loved every minute of it! So satisfying to go from worst to first!

What should you look for when you are troubleshooting your own business? It doesn’t matter how short or long you have been in business, we all seem to get stuck in the same ruts that can put us in a downward spiral if we are not careful.

First look to see HOW you and your staff are performing. If there are tools that are not being used, or if you and/or your staff don’t have the tools needed to perform each job effectively, that’s where you start.

Yes, you often can get by without less than the most modern tools, but do an honest assessment of the cost of better software, phone systems, etc. against the resulting ROI. This is often overlooked because of the initial expense involved. Penny wise and pound foolish! When a new system can potentially cut work time in half and help you work smarter – not harder – then it’s a necessary investment. How will you ever grow if you can’t handle what you have now?

Second – get out the elbow grease and get to work cleaning up! As you pick up every piece of paper in your stacks, either throw it away or file it – now! Don’t put it aside to decide later – do it now! Make a new rule to touch it only once. Scan as much as possible – attach documents to their respective clients folders or accounts. When you have all of your documents in one place on your desktop, you have all of your information in one location, you save steps to the file cabinet, and you have the ability to email those documents immediately if necessary.

Next steps to troubleshooting in my next post – in the meantime, assess your tools and clean up!

What’s your biggest stumbling block to getting organizing?