How Birthday Cakes are a necessity for morale in this economy

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Yesterday was my birthday.

It got me thinking about the wave of employers moving away from celebrating or even recognizing employees on their birthdays – yet it’s one of the easiest and best morale boosters to practice.


Surprisingly and sadly, many employers have declared the economy has forced brutal budget cuts that won’t allow them to continue office celebrations and so they have dropped the practice of recognizing employees on their birthdays.

The menial expenses related to birthday celebrations do not justify budget cut reasoning. This is especially true for those employers who have implemented raise freezes.

Morale is bad, so let’s make it worse?

Morale is down in this economy. Raise freezes, layoffs, increased workloads, and personal economic hardships from sinking home values, high gas prices, even natural disasters, and more are just a few of the daily negative arrows shooting at the working class in this unsure economic environment.

Add to it the additional workloads placed upon staff from the holes left by layoffs and budget cuts and it’s a tough act to play.

Yes, at least they have a job, they say. That’s a lousy philosophy in my book.

These tough times make it more important than ever to show even more appreciation for employees whose extra efforts and loyalty are keeping you afloat in these tougher times!

Gimme a break!

Any positive break in the day, especially in reference to appreciation and recognition, will not only make for a lighter day, but will also serve to boost morale and loyalty well after the occasion is over.

Teamwork is tough without a team

The emphasis on teamwork has diminished due to the holes left from layoffs and cutbacks. The remaining employees have increased workloads , additional administrative responsibilities, and have minimal opportunities for even having a team to work with on projects.

An office get-together can offer opportunities to revisit company association and loyalty to the mission. Those are also prime opportunities for department heads or even CEOs to say a few reassuring words in these times of insecurity.

Come on… The expression is “Happy” birthday, right? Is you office or store family “happy”? Put some happiness back in the air with birthday cakes.

Women Advocates | Women Empowering Women | Inspiring Women | Noisemakers Campaign | She Takes on the World

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It’s International Women’s Day!

Become a noisemaker – if we don’t toot our own horns, who will?

Women Advocates | Women Empowering Women | Inspiring Women | Noisemakers Campaign | She Takes on the World.

Boomers – don’t trust anyone UNDER 30!

Boomers aren’t Seniors …yet.

If you have a business that has access to stylish, functional, comfortable, boomer-body friendly items, you should be tweeting and sharing it on Facebook to the world and stocking up!

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Boomers are tired of looking and looking and not finding what they want.  So if you have boomer friendly and attractive products, you may be sitting on a gold mine!

Boomers are still being ignored or forgotten

When it comes to new and innovative age-specific products, there is a huge untapped boomer demographic out there that is ready to spend for products that are well suited to boomer bodies and aging issues – but still look cool! Boomers aren’t willing to settle for products that are simply functional. And Boomers don’t want to sit in rocking chairs in God’s waiting room wearing ugly orthopedic shoes!

Consider who boomers really are:

  • Boomers grew up with exponential technological advances and are keenly aware of the cool factor in new technology.
  • Boomers were rebellious and worked to escape the “establishment” mentality (remember “Don’t trust anyone over 30!”)
  • Boomers were all about innovation and thinking outside the box

So why are businesses treating boomers like they’re old and settling down in retirement? Boomers are NOT their parents! They still want everything from life they have ever had and more. Boomers parents are in assisted living facilities – not them! And younger sales and professional staff are not getting this concept, are they, Boomers?

What Boomer consumers are looking for:

  1. Attractive and innovative products that help them with their aging issues  – but not ugly and orthopedic looking devices. Get innovative with the appearance of medical devices! Boomers are willing to pay more to look better.
  1. Medical professionals who won’t condescend
    A pat on the hand with an urging to accept aging doesn’t cut it anymore. Boomers are healthier and far more active then their parents were and want to stay that way – tell them how – don’t just treat symptoms!
  1. Technology sales professionals who won’t underestimate their capabilities
    Boomers aren’t just emailing their children. Many boomers are educated entrepreneurs who have no intention of retiring. They need the tools to keep up with their customers just as much as everyone else. Treat them the same as any age customer who is looking to upgrade their technology tools and maximize performance. And that includes leisure technology!
  1. Fashionable clothing and attire that suit their age – attractively!
    Why are stores like Costco and other boomer customer dominated retailers offering clingy, faddish teen clothes? (Sorry, Costco, I love ya, but really…?) Have they looked around at who is shopping there? Boomers want to have clothes that make them look great – not that make them look like they are trying to look 18 and fail. (see above pic) And jogging suits aren’t clothes.

Today’s designers who have boomer-body suited clothing tend to offer mostly professional or travel attire (think Chico’s). What about some fun everyday wear? Again – no jogging suits, please!

And this goes for boomer men, too.

Sports attire for men is generally too tight because it’s meant to show off young and muscular men. There are lots of senior leagues in all sports! But boomers don’t have the young physique for which these clothes are designed.  And can someone please make a pair of pants for men that doesn’t sit below the belly and bag in the a– or wrap around the mid section like Humpty Dumpty? And again, not just jogging suits…

Maybe the only entrepreneurs who can serve this demographic are boomers themselves?! After all – you “get” it! Now – jump on it!

Hey, Boomers! – Feel free to share your comments and beefs about products that don’t work for you here!

How Not to Act Old at Work – MORE Magazine

Business Boomers – stay cool at work – but not in the old fashioned way…

Remember when we were young and we thought our bosses were so “out of it”? Well, now we are the bosses and frankly, I’ve seen too many boomer bosses look pretty “out of it” with a fair share of their  staff rolling their eyes behind their backs!

Get back “with it” with these tips from More Magazine! Click this link to read:

How Not to Act Old at Work – MORE Magazine.

Hey Whiner! 3 Reasons Nobody Cares!

(Enjoy this old Saturday Night Live video with “The Whiners.”)

This sucky economy has placed many in victim mode… Yes, we all ultimately sympathize, but I really think that at this point, nobody really wants to hear more about how bad it is!

So, seriously… Shut Up!

Stop filling the twitter timeline with your gripes! Quit yelling at the salespeople in the retail stores and the fast food employees! Don’t kick the dog!

Nobody wants to hear that you are unhappy, broke, miserable about the job situation, and that the dog just ate your dinner off the coffee table!

Yup! Sorry… Nobody Cares Because:

  1. When life is rough, everyone is miserable enough with their own situation without hearing all about yours to drag them down even further!
  2. Whether it’s true or not, your situation is never as bad as theirs, so they won’t feel as sorry for you as they feel for themselves!
  3. Unless you have anything positive to share with your listener, they don’t have the energy to listen to you.

No, I am not unsympathetic. Just realistic. People normally cared more about listening to others’ woes before the current economic crisis, but not now. And does it really do much good to whine???

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So, get over yourself! Be the light in the room, even if it kills you! Actually, even feigning a positive outlook will eventually cause you to feel better and draw more positive people and situations toward you. Haven’t you ever noticed how waking up on the wrong side of the bed can lead to a whole day of bad circumstances? You can change the tide with an attitude shift.

And, think about it. If the person you are with hears only about all the things that are going wrong for you, will they likely refer you to anyone if a job opportunity came up?

If you want to increase your chances for re-employment, be the person YOU like to be around and that you would like to hire!