Tweetchats – the Entrepreneur’s best hangout

Good things come...

This is my desktop background. It’s also true. And you Entrepreneurs are king with this concept!

Where can you find other hardworking successful people to learn from?

I participate in a few Tweetchats as time will allow, and I just wish I had more time for many more of them. I am SO energized when they are over.

How does so much energy flow in 140 character tweets? You’d be surprised. The need to condense thoughts has more impact on the information flow.

Tweetchat participants are frequently entrepreneurs, or just passionate about what they do. The energy literally jumps through your screen at you as you follow the tweets. I have learned a lot from them and have also been happy to share my knowledge on them. It’s a bit like finding dozens of mentors all in one place! A Mastermind group of sorts.

And if you’ve heard the buzz on the rise of Twitter popularity, Tweetchats are probably at the core of it. These chatters are having a ball at what they do and are more than happy to share their good business sense with you. Everyone benefits.

If you think you have an idea, find a tweetchat on the topic or business and start lurking to see what goes on at ground level, what bumps are in the road, and some great tips on how to avoid pitfalls.

If you’ve thought about it as a business or hobby, there is most likely a tweetchat about it. There are frequently guest experts who answer your questions and a moderator keeps everything running smoothly.

In addition, you gain followers who share your interests, you get to know some of them on a more personal level, and that often leads to more in-depth offsite conversations.

One more BIG plus: You become known as an expert in your field. Your knowledge is shown through your participation in the chat. People learn that you know your stuff and you can gain business connections through them. This is far better than advertising.

In fact, one of the main concepts often missed by those business people who don’t understand social media, is that there are few places where you can “show your wares” to so many at one time. Your expertise is what people seek, more so than your product!

So tweetchats, and all social media avenues, are a great hangout for experts in the field and those who would learn from them. Are you getting this now?

Use tweetchats as just one of many sources for searching your business topic and having access to experts.

What business torch is waiting to be lit within you NOW? Find a tweetchat and learn from the experts – you can just lurk for a few before jumping in. You’ll be addicted soon.

If you would me to send you a link for a constantly updated spreadsheet schedule of tweetchats, just let me know!

9 steps to Twitter power for the social media resistant

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“OMG – I’m having coffee with my BFF!”

Those are not the tweets of Professionals and many don’t realize that professionals are using Twitter for mass media with great results.

Yes, there are a lot of people tweeting their everyday lives on Twitter, but professionals who use twitter recognize Twitter’s power of immediate communication and feedback for building their brand.

Now it’s your turn.

Think of the definition of marketing:

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. (Approved October 2007)” American Marketing Association (@marketing_power)

Hello! That’s Twitter! … it’s even spilling over into political purpose. Think Egypt and the Middle East. Twitter is now the seriously accepted medium for communication for and with the public at large.

Get Started NOW!

  1. Create a twitter account and describe yourself in 160 characters (including spaces) or less for your profile.
  2. Enter keywords related to your business in the search box and follow some like minded tweeters.
  3. In 140 characters or less, tweet thoughts that would help others in your business – don’t spam others with promo tweets of your business or product.
  4. Click the “share” button on articles helpful to those in your business. Easy! You’ll be linked to twitter with a tweet created for you with a shortened article URL.
  5. If you do / don’t like something happening in your biz – tweet it!
  6. If you find a quote or photo that’s motivational – tweet it!
  7. When you are followed back or RT’d (retweeted), reply with a sincere thank you or at the very least, retweet (RT) one of their tweets..
  8. Tweet everyday – but set a time limit of say, 15 minutes – share at least one helpful article or your own tip for the day.
  9. Monitor keywords and your company name so you can catch comments about you and immediately respond to that tweeter publicly with a reply – known as a mention.

That’s a beginning for social media… go to for some more.

If you still think Twitter is a joke, maybe you were one of those who not too many years ago thought you didn’t need a website. But, before you start, make sure it is a good fit. Learn about Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare to start and learn which fits your business needs best.

Don’t be left in the dust!

“If you want more, you have to require more from yourself.”
~ Dr. Phil McGraw

5 Reasons to Tweet About Mall Holiday Shopping

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Tis the season to be jolly!? In the midst of all the shopping lunacy, talk about an abundance of twitter content! The stress level is getting higher for everyone as we count down to Christmas!

So why should you tweet about the insanity of holiday shopping?

  1. Are you kidding? Merchants need to know what they are doing right / wrong. Twitter is the best vehicle for keeping the pulse on their business.
  2. Think of it as the Golden Rule for other customers – share your good / bad experiences for those also waiting in line. It could start a DM conversation that can help suppress the stress. Steer your fellow shoppers away from stores who don’t care about good customer service and help support the stores who treat their customers right.
  3. Make it a Hallmark moment for everyone on Twitter! Admit it – you can’t watch a Hallmark movie – or commercial – with a dry eye. So when a salesperson makes your day, it’s worth sharing.
  4. It’s only 140 Characters – easy enough to text out in the checkout line! And positive tweets are easier to write than negative! It’s also de-stressing – on both sides. What?! You thought that the salesperson was rude because that’s just their personality? Maybe, …but most likely because the customer right before you was rude to them… Help make it better for the next person in line by spreading good cheer!
  5. And don’t forget to tweet about other shoppers. Customers behaving badly – hmmm… sounds like a good reality show!

Are You P.T. Barnum or Barney Fife?

Barney Fife
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You can go on and on about your products and how you serve the customer.  BUT, for individual marketing, just how well do you market YOURSELF?

Small businesses owners are passionate about what they sell or provide! I read tons of blogs and posts that are just stellar in their assessments and reviews of their respective industries, but I know they aren’t always as well versed when it comes down to their own elevator speech?

Twitter is a good example of this. Ever notice when you follow someone, they may direct message a thank you, then often throw in a clumsy plug for their blog or website.

A totally missed opportunity to connect! In fact, often a turn-off to the reader because it’s so obviously a business plug. The sad thing is, that if you take the time to go to their website or blog, they wax eloquently on their realm of expertise. What happened to that eloquence when they DM’d?

Are we embarrassed about standing on our own soapbox?

Do we worry too much about pushing ourselves on others?

Or are we simply lacking the confidence to strut our stuff? Put us on the stage to talk about our products and services and we are PT Barnum at his best, but put us up there to talk about ourselves and we become Barney Fife!

I wrote about this because I am currently creating a new brochure for my own business. I make countless marketing pieces for my clients yet I have done my best at putting my own off (and writing this blog is part of that procrastination!).

I admit I, too, fall short when it comes to telling people what I do in a neat and concise yet marketable way. On the other hand, once I get started with a client on what I can do for them then I am the Confidence and Marketing Queen! HUH? Because it truly is easier on a one-on-one basis with clients because you are speaking to THEIR needs, not yours (or at least you should be)! To do my own brochure, I must speak to what I can provide for my clients in a way that speaks to my needs and it’s a lot harder to be objective then.

So let’s do this together! Take the time to write that 140 character Twitter plug for yourself when you reply to a follow. And if you do it well enough, it’s worthy of an @reply rather than a direct message so it’ll get public exposure! Far better to use that opportunity rather than the tweet that screams “buy me!”

Rather than the flashy trashy sales pitch, you’ll have a neat, concise, attractive, persuasive pitch! Once you have that, you’ll be able to say it with a flair in person! And that’s without sounding boastful or boring…

Do it now!

Guess I’d better get back to my brochure now!…

3 Ways to Shine on Twitter :-)

I’m @bizcommunicator on Twitter and I’ve been thinking a lot about tweets. It’s amazing how altruistic tweeters are. I truly don’t think twitter would be so successful if people were solely mercenary.

I like the personal touch and do all my own tweets and replies.  I have to admit that now that I have over 400 followers, I am having a hard time keeping up with thanking all of them for following me, but I try because I really like taking the time to look at their pages to see what they are about and RT a tweet of theirs.

Thought I’d share a little of my own observations as to what seems to make people get more followers on Twitter (organically – not through software).


Be genuine. Remember people can see right through self promotion. Yes, you want to show that you know your stuff, but do it by helping, sharing your knowledge, answering questions, and being all about them in your tweets.

I heard a Constant Contact webinar discuss how a good ration is 5:1. Five tweets that help others to 1 tweet promoting your business. When you think about it, if you are helping others with your experience and knowledge, you ARE promoting yourself and your credibility.

Visit those you follow frequently and ask them questions. Remember, you probably chose to follow them because they can help YOU in some way. So, there’s a lot of really valuable stuff on their pages! Learn from them, and RT, too!

@@@@@ a lot! Talk to your followers. And do it publicly. Nobody sees a DM but your sendee. If your message to a tweeter can benefit others, send it as an @ not a DM and everyone benefits. It also shows that you care about helping others and are a real person.

Enjoy Twitter. Don’t treat it like a job because that will show through to your followers.  I don’t know about you, but I’m having a ball with it! If you wouldn’t enjoy your own tweets, why would anyone else?