Shopping Small is Shopping Wise for Busy Entrepreneurs

Shopping Small is Shopping Wise for Busy Entrepreneurs

Are you guilty of lost time picking through discount racks to NOT find what you need?

It is a far more enjoyable shopping experience to “Shop Small.” Since Entrepreneurs are always short on time, small business shops and services can be a huge time saver once you establish a relationship with the staff. And since you entrepreneurs are always watching every dime,  shopping small keeps you out of hot water when you need your needs met. For example, your small business will educate you on extending the life of your purchases, and proper use. In addition, with your sales history, they can make suggestions for wiser future purchases to supplement what you already own.

You will get additional value if you ASK your small business:

  • Do you keep my purchases on file?
  • Will I be notified of sales or specials?
  • Will you let me know if something I expressed an interest in goes on sale or is running out?
  • Can I work with the same salesperson each time if I find a good match for me?
  • Do you have a loyalty program?
  • Is there a maintenance alert program (for home and office machines, appliances, landscapers, etc) perhaps via email or texting?

ASK, ASK, ASK! You’d be surprised what they might offer for your customer service experience if you only ask.

I know our clients are very happy when we notice items of concern or mistakes FOR them before a consumer does. And by the same token, we are very happy to have small businesses who help US with their specific goods or services so we can keep our minds focused on our clients.

Generally, small business owners LOVE what they do. Give them a chance to treat you special and you’ll save a lot of time and money – and stress!

:) Take 5 minutes to post a good review on social media or review sites (like Yelp or Google Places for Business) for the small businesses who make your daily life easier! They work hard to keep you coming back.

Beware of the www!

"To Do List"Have you ever looked at your browsing history? Lately, I realized that my days were flying by without getting everything done on my to-do list! I’m really good about making those lists, but before you know it, sometimes it’s 3 pm and I’m still only halfway done – ugh!

I was bemoaning the fact that there weren’t enough hours in the day, when yesterday, I wanted to find a web page I had viewed the day before. I hit my seldom visited “History” button,  I clicked on “Yesterday” and OMG! The list of sites I had visited was a mile long… A DUH moment if I ever had one! I saw just where all my time was going. Time to look in the mirror when pointing that finger!

It made me think of those days in high school (for me in the early 70’s) when we had to go to the library to do a paper. No desktops, no web, just microfilm (which we thought was so modern!), electric typewriters, and lots of books and encyclopedias. You got the right reference material and before you knew it, you couldn’t skip past that eye-catching article on the microfilm or in the encyclopedia without stopping to read it. Often 3,4,5, 10 items that distracted me before I got to what I was SUPPOSED to be researching!

So the Web is the same – if not worse! Within each page there are multiple stories to catch your eye. Within each story, there are multiple links to lure you away from that page. And then there are the sidebars, the ads, the pop-ups, the blogrolls, the pictures, and don’t get me started on Social Media. There is NO such thing as looking at just one Tweet!

How do we ever manage to stay on track at all?

MY new resolution? Make another sub-list under the items on my to-do list of just what I am SUPPOSED to be searching. And then for a reward of finishing my tasks, I can spend a designated amount of time wandering all over the web and tweeting and whatever I want to wherever I let myself go!

Of course, there are many other ways to procrastinate as well (red face)… If you watch a video about procrastinating, is that still procrastinating? LOL!


Are your customers depending on your “free” services too much?


Free Isn't Always FreeA small business owner shared that her profits were shrinking because her customer service was too good! She confessed her customers came to depend on her “free” services too much.

There is Free and then there is Free.

She often threw in small goods and services because the actual cost of the items was so low. What she hadn’t considered was the inherent value of her services and expertise required to provide said “Free” services.

I asked her these questions about offering so much for free:

  1. How much training and expertise do you have to determine what is best for your customer?
  2. Your advice and instruction are part of your stock in trade. If you freely give it, you are sending the message it isn’t worth much.
  3. Are you training your customers to expect more with each purchase?

She began to realize that all of her “free” help wasn’t really free and actually of great value and certainly worth charging for or at the very least, should be monitored for excess. If they purchase or are strongly considering purchasing, that is your qualifier for extra time spent that provides an ROI for you and your customer.

Take a look at what you “throw in” for free… Don’t devalue your services and your customers will value you even more.