Merry Christmas! – It is Christmas Day and So I’ll Say It!

Somehow “Happy Holidays” has never cut it for me. I do use that expression during December when I know that I have a mixed audience.

But December 25th is Christmas Day. Period.  So when I see tweets and posts that avoid using “Merry Christmas,” I just wonder why? It IS Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all!


Ya gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find the right Tweetchat

I’ve started attending tweetchats…

If you’re following my posts, you already know how I feel about the latest webinars we are all getting slammed with where EVERYONE is THE expert and yet all are saying the same thing.

A lot are obviously advertising their services – “not that there’s anything wrong with that” (quoth Seinfeld)!

I’m rambling. At any rate, I decided to try tweetchats in hopes of more control of content.

Hmmm, I thought. Live… interactive… guest experts (aka guests to build RTs) … and maybe some fun making new connections.

Enter the frogs. There are a gazillion tweetchats scheduled for all types of interests (really, I counted).

Here’s a Google doc that lists them if you have the rest of your life to check them all out :)

Unfortunately, you have to attend a lot of tweetchats (kiss a lot of frogs) before you find one worth the hour and the dose of A.D.D. adrenaline from jumping all over tweets while trying to track Q2 and A5, etc.

I don’t have the time to attend more than 1, maybe 2, a week. So this is a painful process to find one that is really productive or even entertaining.

I think I have found one – just 1. Fortunately the participants are as knowledgeable or even more-so than the guests and moderator, but that is what I want. Far more entertaining and worthwhile to have many participants saying a lot rather than one moderator and one guest saying a lot of nothing.

Jury’s still out on this one as I have only attended 2 so far. If I can just ignore the moderator’s ego, I might start really enjoying it. I’m not telling you which one since I don’t want to offend anyone (ha).

So what am I looking for (and you should, too) in a Tweetchat moderator?

Challenge the guest! Force questions and comments!

Share Social Media 201 stuff, no more basics! We are up to our eyeballs in basics.

Don’t throw out 3 new questions when the previous ones haven’t been answered.

I guess it’s back to the old saying for both tweetchats and free webinars – ya get what ya pay for! Time to cough it ($) up for some princes. No more frogs for me. But I’ll keep searching the tweetchats, too. I like answering questions to help others.

Any suggestions for a good tweetchat?  Please!?

Twitter tit for tat following – Get over yourself!

Just like you, I am busy.

Because I want to walk the talk as a Social Media Consultant, I keep up with my own SoMe accounts – authentically!

Yes – it’s me doing all those posts and comments, etc. Which means I spend a lot of time making sure I respond to mentions, comments, questions, conversations. And I don’t use an Autoresponder (that’s another post).

…So, maybe it takes me a while to get to all my new followers and follow back – much less thank them – I am sorry.

But why do some people UNfollow me just because I didn’t follow right back. Seriously?

When I had more time, I used to take the time to read the bio and a few tweets of each new follower so I could respond with a personalized DM (“Direct Message” for newbies).

I’d say things  like, “I’m a big fan of Stephen King, too!” or whatever peaked my interest in their tweets or bio.

Then (dum, dum, DUM – scary music), I started getting CANNED RESPONSES to my personalized DMs.

I took the time to notice their interests and comment on them, but they never read it because they have an autoresponder. (Can you tell I hate autoresponders?)

I have a new strategy. I religiously check my mentions and respond there. On the same page, I can check my new followers and immediately follow back. No more email notifications on new followers either!

AND at least I know there is a live person on the other end in a conversation on my @bizcommunicator mentions page.

I put social back in social media for me and my followers.

What’s your strategy on new followers?